Sunday, February 23, 2014

Surprise! The end of this month is near, That ambush team ready to move out?

I hope everyone has had the chance to flex those terrain making skills.  Some of the last things people make is good terrain to fight over.  While the swap will not cover a whole board it is a small step in adding much needed cover.  I hope this months swap inspires you with new ideas for your own terrain going forward.

I will be sending out shipping info for people tomorrow, and shipping will start on the 25th.  If you have not gotten an email from me let me know!  Don't forget to send me those pics!!!  The poll will start the 1st and run until the 8th.  

I will be posting next months  sign-up on TMP soon as well the deadline to join as always will be the 8th.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The numbers are in, the polls are closed, and the confetti is being swept up!  Congratulations to Nate; aka whitphoto, for his winning swap!  I will be contacting you regarding your prize soon. 

Just a reminder for February's swap.

February is the month of surprise gifts so what better way to celebrate it than by a Ambush Team! An Ambush Team obviously need some sort of cover so;

Participants for the February Swap will be making
A single 3 man ambush team. It can be Snipers, Mortar team, Heavy Weapon Team, Etc.
A single terrain element based on a CD or CD sized base. This can be anything you can think of that would make a good ambush point. Heavy thickets, Elevated rocky outcrops, Small buildings, etc.
5 Small terrain scatter pieces. These can be anything from coin to poker chip sized bases. Rocks, Crates, Small trees or bushes, Rubble piles, Etc.

Above is a example of just what you need.  Remember, while I am just making an example you are free to go any direction for theme of your swap.

Dates and times.
Swappers get locked in Feb 8th
Shipping starts Feb 28th  - Don't forget to send in your photo to me before you ship!
The poll will run until the 8th of Mar.
Swappers get locked in Mar 8th

I look forward to seeing everyone's work this swap!

For those that took part in January's swap feel free to make suggestions for things that you would like to see to make the experience better.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wow that was a quick month!  I would like to thank everyone for taking part in the first swap.  While I did not receive any of the groups below, I doubt that few got less excited to see the end results than I did.  Seeing the varied skill levels, presentations,  and miniature choices made my time setting this up well worth it! 

Attached below are the six swaps traded in January.   Please vote on the one that best encompasses the swap minimum requirements of ;
1. Paint 6-8 infantry
2. Paint an APC
3. Swaps are to be done in the spirit of goodwill

The poll will run until Feb 8th Midnight EST.  The winner will be receiving a prize from Mr. Harold of  In addition, the winning selection will replace my blog cover picture for the month.

Best of luck to all the participants and I look forward to you joining next months swap as well.