Thursday, March 6, 2014

First up ,  I'd like to apologize for the delay and lack of communication on my part.  I have been sick and I just have not been able to shake it.  Secondly I am changing jobs and have been trying to work through 12hour days, doing my current job and training from the outgoing person I am going to replace.   It's been a nasty combo that has effected my time on this project.

But on to the fun stuff!

Unfortunately we lost a couple of people both to time and to the Titanium Dropship painting contest.
So I am happy to see the fine work from our swappers who stuck it out this month!  A varied group all around,

Here are our months swaps!




I will be putting up the poll soon and remember vote for your favorite!  I will be supplying the prize - A selection of miniatures from Khurasan Miniatures to the winner!
Good luck to all.