Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weclome Recruits!

Welcome all to the start of a new year!

This blog has been created for the enjoyment of TMP members involved in the monthly swap and 15mm Scifi Wargamers in general.

The swap rules are simple;
1 -Each month a new theme will be selected for the participants
2 – Participants will, assemble, paint, and photograph something that fits the theme.
3 – I will compile a list of contacts for swaps and we ship out by months end.

Why join? 

   It gets easy to float by month to month without working on the hobby.   Painting skills fade, and hobby lethargy falls into place.   It is the draw of deadlines that galvanizes people into moving, to show off new works, tips, and ideas.  This community project is a way of bringing new ideas and creativity to the forefront while building the 15mm community together.  It is also a wonderful chance to receive miniatures you may have not gotten before and to discover, or rediscover, new 15mm companies and products.

 Extra bonus;
   At the end of each month a blog poll will be posted of all the swaps and the winner with the most votes will receive a prize.

   Anyone who complete four concurrent months of swaps at any time over the year will receive a gift as well.

January's joining Deadline will be – JANUARY 11TH
Shipping will start – JANUARY 25TH
Prize poll will start – FEBRUARY 1ST
Prize poll will ends – FEBRUARY 8TH
February's Joining Deadline will be – FEBRUARY 8TH

Welcome aboard 


  1. Wonderful idea, I'm in! :-)
    (LawOfTheGun mk2 from TMP)

  2. I already contacted you by email, but just had one more question: where should we send our photos when we're done with our project for the month?

    1. Hi Mike! All photo's should be sent to me! I look forward to them!

  3. Any info on how many participants there are by now?

    1. We have 7 members as I write this. I will making it 8 to round out the swap if need be,

  4. Just started work on my mechanized squad :-).